Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulations Grads!

I spent last night and this morning at my brother's college graduation. It was bittersweet - he has made an amazing group of friends at school, and I feel terrible that they are all leaving and going back home.

We had a great weekend! Friday night, after all of the families went to dinner on their own, we all met up a local bar for a few drinks. It was really fun!

The graduation the next morning was very nice, Senator Schumer came and spoke, and it was so beautiful on the Hudson River. However, the college didn't have enough seats, so we were sitting on the grass! And, I got crazy crazy sunburned. I am in so much pain!

But - I took a ton of pictures!

On the way home, my mom and I got so lost. We took the wrong exit, and we knew where we needed to get back to, but we couldn't get back there! It took almost half an hour of driving around Westchester to finally find our way home! I'm off the try to aloe this burn, and probably fall asleep, I'm so exhausted!

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