Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am packing up all of my scrapbook materials, because I need to get the back room cleaned out so I have somewhere to keep all of the boxes. So, I've been trying to scrap the pictures I have right now, so I'm not opening them up again in a month and can't remember what I planned to do!

I'm in the middle of a page about my ring (I really love it so much) but I don't have the pictures in yet, so I'll have to wait until Friday to finish that.

But, I was able to scrap the pictures of our trip to Chicago last week.

 This page is a little plain for me, but I wanted to use the "Chicago" embellishment from the Destinations cartridge on Cricut. I also made the embellishment into a folder to hold the extra pictures from the trip!

 An up close picture of the folder. I had a lot of trouble getting the letters cut cleanly. This was the best one I had!
And I thought I would just leave you with some cute pictures for the day.

My dog, Ben, sleeping in the corner. His bed is literally two steps away from him (on the other side of the steps) but he chose the sleep there instead! Silly Bennies.

I saw this little guy crawling along the side walk by my middle school, walking across the street to get to the trees on the other side. He was moving a lot faster than I thought a turtle would, but he got a little scared when he saw I was there (he started to hide in his shell, so I put my cell phone away, then he came out again). He ended up jumping off that curb to cross the street. I felt so bad, because he just walked off the curb, reaching out his arms, until he jumped/fell into the street! You could hear his shell crash on the ground, but he seemed unshaken, he just kept on walking along.
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