Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Knew My Shirt Was Big, But...

The Background

Today was so hot and humid. So I wore wide leg pants, a flowing tank top, and sandals. Our schools aren't air conditioned.

We were also doing screening interviews for my someone to take over my current middle school/high school position.

I didn't want to tell the candidates what we taught when we introduced ourselves, because it would be obvious that they were interviewing for my job, and I didn't want anyone to feel weird about that. Except in one interview, my coworker started the introductions and said what she taught, so then everyone did. 

The Story

At the end of the interview, the following conversation took place:

Candidate: Is this a permanent position or just one year?
My boss: Its permanent.
Candidate, looking at me: Oh, because, isn't it...
Me: Yes, I'm moving to Chicago.
Candidate: Oh, okay, I thought it was just one year for your maternity leave.

I knew my shirt was big, but maternity leave big?!? 

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