Monday, June 6, 2011

Theme Park Physics Project

After we finished forces, Newton's laws and energy, the students did a theme park project.

Part I of the project was to write a report about a theme park ride. They had to describe the physics of the ride, including the forces acting on, how Newton's laws govern how the ride works and how energy is transformed on the ride.

Then, they got to do the fun part! The kids made models of their rides. My first period class did a "Hollywood" theme, and my second period did a zoo theme.

The projects came out so great! I was so impressed, so I thought I'd share some pictures here:

 The Hollywood theme park. Some of my girls made cupcakes to share with our class, and the other two classes who were presenting first period. Isn't that sweet? And they were delicious!

 Safari Log Flume

 Ferris "Wheel of Roars"

 Not only does the Carousel look beautiful, it actually rotated and played music! Way to go guys!

Free Fall

I am very proud of all of my kids for working so hard and making such wonderful projects! They really rocked!

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