Sunday, June 5, 2011

Three Weeks!

I am moving to Chicago in exactly three weeks!

Or, to be even more exact, 495 hours, 49 minutes!

I was feeling really nervous about it this weekend, and a lot this morning. Except for my freshman year of college, I've never lived away from home (and freshman year, I only lived 30 minutes away!)

I started worrying about taking care of the apartment by myself. Making sure all the laundry was done. And that it was clean. And dinner. I'm not worried about cooking, I cook here all the time. I was worried about deciding what to cook. My mom always decides that stuff. Now, I'll have to decide, and figure out what to get at the grocery store so I'll have enough food to cook dinner and such for the whole week. I've always grocery shopped, but from a list! Or at least, an idea of what we were doing!

But then, a funny thing happened:

AJ jumped up from his couch while we were watching The Birdcage (I loooove that movie!), and he was freaking out yelling!

Then I saw it - a huge wasp was in the apartment. Apparently, it is the summer of stinging flying insects.

We knew we had to open the screen door, so it could go outside. Because there was no way either one of us was getting close enough to kill it, and I didn't have any hairspray. And this thing was HUGE! The stinger looked like it had a bug hanging off it, but nope, it was just a massive stinger!

AJ kept trying to venture out of the hallway where we were taking cover to open the door, but he never quite got there. In his defense, he was once the victim of a traumatic wasp attack, and hates hates hates them now.

So I ran out into the room, and opened the screen door. When another wasp tried to get in! So I went back and shut the screen door.

Then, I trapped the wasp in between the screen door and the glass door.

Not a great plan. I basically pissed off the wasp. And we had no way to open the door to the outside to get it away from us.

So, I slipped the glass door open a tiny crack, and pushed the screen door open, jumping around the whole time, afraid I was about the get stung. But out the wasp went!

We went outside to investigate, and we saw him building a nest on the balcony!

So, we went out to Wal-Mart, bought the craziest wasp spray we could find, and sprayed the heck out of that wasp and the nest. We got the whole thing! Well, except one that tried to dive bomb AJ while he was spraying! He flew away, and I think was on the neighbor's balcony when we left.

AJ was not really amused by the whole incident. But it made me feel so much better. We handled the whole thing, no one had to call home and ask what to do. We didn't panic. We just went out, got the spray, and got rid of the nest. It made me realize that its scary to have to run our own house, especially for me, since I've never lived away from home before, but we could do it. Easily.

And now I'm not nervous anymore. So thank you scary wasp!

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