Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9 11 2011}

This has been such a crazy week! Tuesday was the first day of classes with students, Wednesday I had to stay after school for new teacher meetings, Friday, AJ took me out to dinner (and pretended to propose three times, he gets a kick out of teasing me, I think when he does go to propose, I won't believe him because of all the teasing!) Yesterday, we had a group of friends over for homemade pizza before we headed over to the wine festival in the park. It was good to have everyone over though, because it forced me to clean up the apartment really really well, although its a mess again from all the cooking! And now it is Sunday. Which means it is time for the Scavenger Hunt!

1. Bokeh
I had a really hard time with this prompt. Or, to be more specific, I thought I would have a really hard time with this prompt. I had no idea how to even start. So I avoided it. Until Sunday morning, when I realized, I needed something. So, I went into my bathroom (the only dark room in my house) and played around with my tea light holder, water and a bunch of tea lights (6 to be exact...boy, does my bathroom smell like vanilla right now!) Bokeh doesn't seem so scary now!

2. Process of Elimination
I love how the sky is fading here, and the light looks so white against the blues and purples.

3. Remember
While we were waiting on (many, many) lines at the wine festival yesterday, I kept looking at this building and saying, how weird, every other light is on. Then it hit me, it was a flag. I don't like being so far away from New York today.

4. Statues 
There weren't any statues at the wine festival, but there was a big fountain!

5. Flying Higher
Last week, I really struggled with the clouds prompt. I wasn't in love with any of the cloud pictures I took. Monday morning, AJ woke up, looked out the window and said "Now, here are your clouds, babe." I am in love with this picture, and I had to use it this week!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

*Sara, at Sweet Little Gals invited me to a new link up, where I will also be sharing my photos:


Tara said...

that is a great could shot! Love it!

Kathy said...

Love your "process of elimination" capture. So simple yet breathtaking to me. Gorgeous.


Linda R. said...

Your shots are amazing.. I just love your remember shot.. Made me tear up a little..

Hugs, Linda

Becky said...

So cool about the lights of that building! Too funny about AJ fake proposing :)

Valeria said...

Beautiful process of elimination. As I am watching 9/11 on ABC and looking your photo of remember, my heart aches. How people can be so evil. Sad

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your interpretations this week - especially bokeh. Beautiful!

Sara said...

Would LOVE it if you would share your pics at my photo swap going on right now!! (Sunday party)

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