Monday, September 12, 2011

Who's Ready for Some Football?!

Normally, I'd say NOT ME! I am a baseball girl. Football season means my baseball season is winding down. And as a Mets fan, well, lets just say September hasn't been great to the Mets since 2007.

AJ is a Phillies fan (let's not discuss that drama right now), but he L-O-V-E-S football. Like, puts on his Cowboys (yeah, I know, random right?) jersey and settles in for the day.

I like hanging out with him on Sunday, and chilling out before the week starts. But during football, its hard, because I can't watch football for so long (and by so long, I mean ten minutes or so). But AJ gets upset when I'm on the computer, because I don't really interact with him when I am. He wants to chat while we watch football. Yes, I realize this is very very rare for a guy to want to do, I get that I am very lucky in this. So I don't want to go on the computer during football....what else to do though?

Then it hit me! I can chat and scrapbook!

And we set up my scrapbook table right next to the couch, so we can literally sit next to each other and each do something we love! And we can still talk and be together :)

So, here is what is on my craft table right now, thanks to Sunday night football on Fox? NBC? ABC? I know it wasn't ESPN, the Mets were on there, leaving the bases loaded left and right and giving up the game to the Cubs! But either way...

I was inspired by Ali Edwards A Week in the Life project to do my own. The pictures are from over a month ago, but I am just getting it together now. I'm hoping that Monday night football lets me get even further on this project! (Who would've thought I'd be psyched for Monday night football?!)

I hope you all have gotten in some crafty time too. And that your kitchens aren't nearly as messy as mine! I'm off to go clean it so I can make dinner :)


Becky said...

No way, Mike is a Cowboys fan too, which is so weird because that boy has never stepped a foot into Texas :) Nevertheless, he was very upset after the game last night as I'm sure AJ was too. Oh well I'm riding my craft high right now and am trying to be as sympathetic as possible.

I loved getting a peek at your desk. I would love to do a Week in the Life, seems much more manageable than something like Project Life. Plus I like Ali Edwards :)

Hope your kitchen is clean now! Haha!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great idea! i happen to love collge football (big notre dame fan--went to school there)! and so on saturdays i put the tv on in my craft room and jeff comes in and watches --the boys are playing and we have a fun time!

nfl football--we usually go to the bengals home games-- they stink but it is always fun to go!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm not really into football but I do love football food.

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