Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't have anything crafty to post today :(

My craft desk table has been stored away since last Wednesday because, with AJ's friends here, I wanted to have enough room for them to spread out their suitcases and such. I haven't been able to set it back up yet!

But, I do have a question!

After I sent my mom a picture of tonight's dinner (vegetable pot pie) my mom told me I am in charge of all of Thanksgiving sides, desserts, everything except the turkey! I just have to email a recipe list home and my mom will buy all of the groceries.

I have no idea what to make! I know I make a lot of yummy things for AJ and I, but none of them seem special enough for Thanksgiving!

So, my post for today is, does anyone have any ideas for Thanksgiving recipes?

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Becky said...

Oh good grief, you're kidding me! Welcome home Katie...here you have to cook! I love it! Haha! I always take creamed corn (I know it's weird) and pumpkin pie to my sisters for Thanksgiving. Let me know if you want the recipes :)

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