Monday, March 12, 2012

Asbury Park Boardwalk Party

I can't believe it is Monday already! I am so exhausted and already ready for bed, but I think it has to do with losing that hour Sunday night! I feel very out of rhythm. But I do love getting the extra hour in the fall, and I love how late it stays sunny out now! Does anyone else feel totally out of whack because of that hour?

Not much crafting got done this weekend (like none). Yesterday was just so pretty out that I couldn't stay inside. So instead, we went for a walk and got ice cream!

But, last weekend, my parents had their quickly-becoming-an-annual-event Top 5 party. This year's theme was your Top 5 Bruce Springsteen Songs. Basically, everyone sends in a list of their 5 favorite Springsteen songs, and throughout the night, we play the lists and everyone eats and drinks and hangs out.

My dad also does stats on all of the songs/lists. For example, we had the top 5 albums, and the top 10 songs of the party. He also gave everyone's lists a point assignment based on how many other people had chosen their songs, so you could see how popular your list was.

While my dad is working on the stats in the weeks leading up to the party, my mom and I made tons of decorations! After much indecision on how to decorate, we decided on an "Asbury Park Boardwalk" theme.

My mom made posters for all sorts of things that we hung on all of the walls (I'm not sure why the pictures are turned, they weren't before, and now they are...I'll work on fixing it!)

Our engagement poster (now in our apartment)

The favorite albums poster

My mom got this awesome hot dog machine at Target. It really cooks the hot dogs! And if you lift the little red/white awning, there is a place to warm the hot dog buns! We filled up those sand buckets with chips, and people used the baskets for the chips, or hot dogs or whatever. The posters in the back had the top 10 songs on them, but they're covered up in this picture because the big reveals hadn't happened yet!

Another sideways pictures...(seriously, what was happening here!) But this is the "Madame Marie" fortune telling station. Each fortune in the glass bowl was a Springsteen lyric. When your list was being played, you had to go to Madame Marie and pick out your fortune!

Beach snacks...we had popcorn, cotton candy, M&Ms, gumballs, lollipops and saltwater taffy!

And we had lots of pinwheels! (I spent a really long time making all those pinwheels!)

Outside, we put up a beach/boardwalk sign...

And we even had our own, personalized Springsteen One Night Only Poster!

Well, I'm going to go figure out what time it is and try to stay awake! I'll be back tomorrow with a wedding project :)


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Katie - that is so cool! What a fun idea :)
We may have to copy that for a U2 themed party! said...

So fun!!! You know I love Bruce and the whole theme just turned out so nice! All the little beachy/boardwalk touches were perfect. Your pinwheels looked awesome!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a fun idea for a party!! love the hot dog machine--very fun!!!
your pinwheels are so bright and cheery!!!

have a great day

Becky said...

How fun is this? Love it!! The pinwheels were perfect :)

Tracy said...

OMG this sounds like a blast!!!
Plus who wouldn't love to the Boss all night long ;)
Your pinwheels are perfect.
And your mom's hot dog machine is so cool.
I am off because of being away all weekend, and driving for hours...well I should say I was sleeping, hubby was driving ;)

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