Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take 12: March

Its time for another Take 12 with Ella Publishing Co.

Except this time I only took 10!

1. Breakfast (well, half of breakfast, I already ate half my bagel when I remembered to take pictures!
2. Walking around campus to drop off forms.
3. Lunchtime trip to Target. I bought an oversized muffin tin I'm very excited about!
4. Driving back to work from Target, the sky looked a little stormy.

5. Driving home from work.
6. Waiting for the elevator so we can go on a walk by the lake.
7. The flowers are starting to peek up, spring is here!
8. A far away shot of the spot where AJ proposed.
9. The beach :)
10. Pasta with zucchini and diced tomatoes...yummy and fast!

It is another gorgeous day here today, although I'm stuck at work :( I was thinking I should maybe start riding my bike to work. Its only 6 miles, which I don't think is very long on a bike, although it does mean I would have to get a basket for my bike (yay! I've always wanted a cute basket!) What do you guys think? Ride my bike to work in the spring/summertime, or keep driving my car? I'm going to start a pro/con list :)


Schell said...

Decisions decisions.... well, riding your bike is not only healthy for you but, also the environment :o) I start walking with the boys to school, the younger two anyway :o), when it is this nice out. Saves on gas too! Hugs!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great photos!

i would take my car--but that is just me--

ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

You should try it (riding the bike)...maybe on a weekend first to scope it out. I love bike baskets!! That alone would make me want to try it. It has been gorgeous here too. Loving this weather!!!
I knew that was a Target basket. YUM, oversized muffins..can't wait to see them!!

Becky said...

Love your pictures :) As for the bike, how long would it take you and how much EARLIER would you have to WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? Hahahahahaha! These are very important questions you need to ask yourself! :)

Tracy said...

I love your photos, as always.
Only because I am on the road to a more healthier lifestyle, I would say ride your bike.
As long as it isn't all up hill on the way to work. Wouldn't want to show up at work all sweaty, but sweaty coming home, thats not a problem ;)

Whimcees said...


Love your photo day! You are young, it looks like you eat healthy and live the good life and biking is great exercise! So even if 6 miles is a significant distance - I say ride the bike! :<) Wishing you a happy day today - with lots of sunshine!


Barbara Diane

Lunch Lady Jan said...

How much rain does your area get? That would be the first question I'd ask. If it's quite a lot, then still cycle but get yourself some waterproofs :)
Lovely pics btw, a mini story of your day, I like that!!
Hugs, LLJ #26 xx

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