Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fall Flowers Layout

Happy Wednesday!

I'm still sharing layouts from National Scrapbook Day Weekend!

I love fall flowers, so last October (when I wasn't working yet!) I took a walk around my neighborhood to take pictures of the flowers!

 I used a lot of the same papers on this page that I used on the bike riding layout from Tuesday.

Which was a good idea because they will be next to each other in my scrapbook! (I actually ended up flipping them in the book, because I technically took the flower pictures before we went for our bike ride!)

I am so happy - my week is almost half over! Friday is a professional development day, so although I'm going to work for a short(er) day, there is no teaching involved. I consider that basically a day off, so I'm thinking of today as Thursday!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll see you all tomorrow :)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great photos and a super layout!!

i'm so bad- i would rather teach than go to the professional day meetings. i get so bored! and the day seems to go so long!

MG Atwood said...

I love fall colors so much! Nice to be reminded of this time of year. said...

Fall is my favorite season! I love how you've highlighted the flowers with that great paper!! Yay for today being your Thursday!!!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! I love mums so much!! This layout works perfectly next to the one you posted yesterday :)

Tracy said...

Great layout.
I like that even though the layouts are different they have a flow.

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