Friday, June 1, 2012

Project Pinterest: Summer Wreath

Its Friday!!! I am very excited! Its also the first day of finals, which means a nice quiet day. I've been battling a headache all week, so I'm very much looking forward to quiet.

Its also June 1 (did June sneak up on anyone else?!), which means its time for Project Pinterest!

This month, I pinned this wreath from Mary Pat.
{the pin is here}
{the original blog post is here}

I had lots and lots of paper left over from the decorations for the Asbury Park party, so I decided to make a patriotic themed wreath.

Mine is a little different from Mary Pat's because I made a rectangle. I had leftover foam board, also from the party, and decided to cut it into a wreath shape. The foam board was awesome for two reasons - the total cost of this project $0 and I didn't have to take off my pjs to go to the store!

Then, I covered the white board with left over yellow tissue paper, so yellow would show through the center of each flower.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I do want to add a dimensional accent to it somewhere, but I can't decide where to place it. Do you have any suggestions?

Click on the link below to check out even more Pinterest inspired projects and link up your own!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

I LOVE the rectangle!!!! so very cute!!

Becky said...

So awesome you did a rectangle wreath! I loved Mary Pat's too when she posted it! I think an accent in the lower right hand corner our maybe something L shaped like a flourish in the left corner?

Becky said...

PS hope your headache goes away soon. Enjoy your Friday!!

Whimcees said...


This is so pretty! I love the idea of the yellow to show through as the flower centers! Wishing you a happy weekend! I hope that you can rest and get rid of that headache!


Barbara Diane said...

Love your cute new siggy! (I forgot to mention that in my last comment). This wreath is so cute! I love anything patriotic and this reminds me a little of fireworks and flowers! So great that you used left over paper and the rectangle shape is really mod! I need to pull out my patriotic stuff, I usually leave it up from Memorial Day-Labor Day but this year I'm so behind!

Tracy said...

So cute.
I like the shape.
Since it is for the 4th of July, why not add a fire cracker or something like that for the dimension you want.

Patrice said...

You did a beautiful job with the wreath!

Jules said...

Love the wreath...very much in the 4th of July spirit! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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