Monday, August 6, 2012

Project Life 25 {Week 10}

Oh man, did this weekend get away from me! I don't even know what happened - I felt like I just didn't get anything done, but it flew by anyway! Does that ever happen to you?

Sunday afternoon, I realized that I'd never posted Project Life on Friday, and hadn't turned my computer on in days. And somehow still didn't get to it yesterday!

But, now is a great time to post, so here it is!

Top Row: Our wedding centerpieces!
Middle Row: An out of nowhere rainstorm
Bottom Row: Readying and tanning on the beach, creating the mini album (check out the finish product here and here and here and here!)

Top Row: A map of Long Island, but since it says "YOU ARE HERE" and shows exactly where the house is, I decided it needed to be fuzzied!, all my luggage waiting for a cab, taking the train home
Middle Row: Cookie Monster ice cream (so so good!), breakfast on the beach, Long Island Sound
Bottom Row: Enjoying the outdoor fire, playing in the pool

Another thing I didn't get to this weekend was cleaning, so now I'm going to go clean the apartment. Hopefully it doesn't take too too long!

I'll see you all tomorrow!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

i was just working on pl- i am all caught up!! hooray!!

yours is looking so fun! great job

Jules said...

LOVE the week 10 PL fun!!!! I am interested in finding some people that like scrapbooking and paper crafts to guest post for me in September. Would you be interested? No pressure, just thought I would ask!


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Ugh...I have to clean this week, too.
Not looking forward to it!
And lately all the weekends are just flying by for us since Mike is only home Friday through Sunday night. It just seems like they are never long enough!

Becky said...

I can't believe you're already on week 10! This week looks fantastic, and so does your tan!

Tracy said...

Great pages !!!
You are so good at keeping up with your project life.
I was going crazy without my computer this weekend, I don't know how you didn't even turn yours on :0 said...

You are really caught up in this album! Awesome!! I love the wedding centerpieces!!!!! They look so pretty!
All those treats back home looked yummy!!!
I cleaned before we left but I'm sure I'll be cleaning again when we get back. At least at our vacation rental I don't have to do much cleaning but it does get sandy so I should sweep a bit.

sandee said...

What? You don't want us stalking outside your place trying to see all your wedding goodies? lol I don't blame you, just joking of course! Glad you're back online, missed your posting! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Christina said...

Your PL looks great! Cincy has been having those random pop rainstorms too, so weird!

MG Atwood said...

I'm impressed with how you have kept up on this project! Nice work.

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