Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Life 25 {Week 16}

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully I've made it through the overnight retreat in the woods...

Week 16 is another week that I did during last Thursday night's Project Life extravaganza!

This was a pretty crazy week. On Wednesday, AJ and I went to see the fireworks at Navy Pier and Friday night we flew out to see my family in New York for a minication. We also had the big house reveal and teacher flash mob at school!

I ended up using an insert for this week in order to fit all of the pictures!

I didn't have any pictures of the school events, but I did have a copy of the poster that is hanging outside my classroom declaring my house affiliation, so I decided to include that!

I also used the "scraps" from this page, where I used the negative space to spell out "Summer12". I had the letters hanging out, and thought it would be perfect. Even though school started, I don't ever feel like its officially over until Labor Day!

The first of my insert pages.
Top Row: The pop up restaurant where AJ and I ate dinner on Navy Pier
Middle Row: Waiting for the fireworks
Bottom Row: The city at almost night ~ The city at night night

This page has all the fireworks pictures, plus one of the beer garden and one of the band that was playing there!

I am planning on doing a layout for our trip to New York, so I saved a lot of my pictures for that!
Top Row: My brother during the wine tasting ~ My dad demonstrating how easy to use his corkscrew is (I did not find it that easy!) ~ Jamie, Tommy, AJ and I at the Boardy Barn
Middle Row: AJ and I attempting to kayak again, after our first debacle, we've actually become pretty good at it! ~ Tommy explaining the rules of Kan Jam to AJ. Apparently it is a very serious endeavor.
Bottom Row: The turtle float chilling in the pool

AJ and I have our Pre Cana retreat this weekend (which is not in the woods). This pre marital counseling course is a requirement of our church if we want to get married there. I am kind of looking forward to it, but am also a little worried. Apparently there is a lot of group work involved, and I am a little shy! Especially when discussing the intricacies of our relationship!

What would you think about going to a class like this before your wedding? Would you be excited about learning more about your husband or wife, or would you be nervous about the group work like I am?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

PL looks great!

my hubby and i did the precana stuff. ours wasn't that bad- some of the stuff was really really good and helped us see who would be best at working on bills etc. it made things really easy- i am a VERY private person and I did particpate to some degree but was allowed to be quiet! hubby is even MORE quiet than me and he did ok too!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I keep meaning to say, I love that you are rounding the corners of everything, including photos in your PL :)

We opted out of the weekend retreat for Pre Cana and just did *I think* a few Sundays instead. A couple of hours each time.
I have to say the same as Mary Pat. Mike and I are both pretty introverted, but I am a little more outgoing then him. Still I think it is awkward to share with total strangers!
But it was ok :)

Heather said...

I hope you survived your night in the woods with the students!!! Your PL pages are looking great! I like the letters you used to write out SUMMER 12. The wine tasting looked like fun! I've never heard of Kam Jam.
Good Luck at Pre Cana!!! I'm sure you guys will do great!!!

sandee said...

First, I hope you had a good time this week end camping, looking forward to hearing about it. I had to laugh when I read the Father also danced during the flash mob, shame you don't have pictures of it. Lastly, I bet you will do just fine this week end, if you can get up and dance and make funny science videos, then this will be a breeze for you! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Well I see you survived your night in the woods! Good luck on your classes, that would not be my thing either....

Linda R said...

Lots of wonderful pages here. My hubby and I took classes before we got married as well. They turned out to be pretty good. We learned a lot about each other and when we took a test to see if we were well match it came back saying yes we were well matched. Thanks goodness cause we were going to get married either way. Hope you enjoy your class as much my friend.


Becky said...

I hope you survived the woods too!! You're able to pack SO much into your PL weeks, I love that!! Mike and I had to do counseling with our preacher before we got married, but it was one on one. Needless to say, still a little weird. Ha! Hope everything went okay for you guys!!

Jules said...

Love these pages!!!! Your firework pictures are always awesome. Someday I hope to have a camera that enables me to take great night time pics...FINGERS CROSSED!

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