Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding Trivia Layout

Yesterday, I was feeling sad that my entire family was back on the east coast and I'm living in Chicago. I usually love big storms, I find them really interesting. Even as a kid, if a storm was coming, I was glued to the Weather Channel (probably an early sign of me becoming a science teacher...)

But, yesterday's post was written when I was under the impression that Sandy would be more like all of the other hurricanes they predict...a whole lot of talk for a whole lot of rain!

Yesterday, I spoke with my parents, and my dad - aka the man who took my brother and I, both under the age of 10, outside in the middle of the blizzard of 1996, just so we could say we were out in the blizzard - said the storm was scary and out of control. Once I heard that, I knew I was lucky to be here in Chicago, where our biggest issue so far has been people surfing on Lake Michigan (not so much an issue as just really weird to me!)

If you are in any of the areas affected by Sandy, I hope that you and your family and friends are safe. We are praying for you here...

AJ and I were talking about what would we do if we were out of power. I figured I could scrapbook if it was light out. And I know my parents were playing a lot of cards. As a kid, I loved to play Brain Quest trivia whenever we were in the car, waiting around for the doctor a table at a restaurant or without electricity.

So I thought it would be fun to share a trivia layout today. While at Pre Cana, we played a trivia game. AJ and I not only won - but we got the highest score the priest had ever seen! So I decided for our engagement book, it would be fun to have a layout featuring some of the trivia questions.
This is a 12x12 page protector that is divided up into 9 boxes (I think from We R Memory Keepers...) Each of these squares pulls out of the layout using the blue diamond tabs and the answers are underneath (of course, I forgot to take a picture of that! I'll fix that later today!) All of the papers and stickers are from the wedding papers that Heather sent me.

Questions (the answers are below, in case you want to play along)
Top Row:
1. Who wrote "Here Comes the Bride"? What genre of music does it fall in? What is the name of its origin?
2. The tradition of breaking glass in a Jewish wedding is a symbol of what?
3. Which princess began the tradition of using Mendelssohn "Wedding March"?

Middle Row:
4. Where is the largest bridal salon in the world? Bonus: What is its name?
5. According to Greek tradition, what wedding related expense does the best man pay for?
6. Why does the bride traditionally stand on the groom's left side?

Bottom Row:
7. What wedding reception staple was inspired by the steeple of St. Bride's Church in London?
8. On what find did the Romans wear their wedding rings?
9. Which couple holds the record for answering the most correct trivia questions at One in Christ pre-cana? (as of September 2012)


Top Row:
1. Wagner, Opera, Lohengrin
2. The destruction of the temples in Jerusalem (this answer is a bit controversial - I've also heard that it is to symbolize that the marriage will last forever, but this is the answer the priest was looking for)
3. Princess Victoria

Middle Row:
4. New York City, Kleinfeld's
5. Liquor
6. The groom would carry his sword on his right, and would use it to protect his bride from potential attackers

Bottom Row:
7. Tiered wedding cake
8. Thumb
9. Katie and AJ

I hope you liked the trivia questions!

What is your favorite way to keep busy when the power is out?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

these trivia questions are so fun@! what a fun layout!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

What a fun idea for a layout!!!
I'm glad your family is ok.
I just hate hearing about weather like this and how it affects those in the path!

MG Atwood said...

Cute page. Hope your family fared well during the storm.

Jules said...

What a fun layout and how awesome that you and AJ did so well! Thoughts and prayers going to your family in the aftermath of Sandy!

sandee said...

How fun!! I got a really LOW score! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Becky said...

You know it's bad when your dad says it's bad, right? My dad is always outside looking for the tornado, so when he comes in, you know to take cover. Of course you and AJ won trivia! You guys rock! Love the layout!!

Christina said...

How fun is this? I got 4 of 9-pretty sad, right? :) How on earth did you know all that stuff? I am super impressed.
I love storms too, I swear I have more weather tracker people than I do "real" friends on my Twitter feed. This was a scary one though-we even got some pretty fierce winds here in Ohio. Hope your family is okay back East!

Tracy said...

Honestly I love a good storm. It is just exciting to me...but I don't want anyone or anyones homes to be hurt or damaged.

Great layout :)

Heather said...

This is awesome!! I didn't know much of that trivia at all. So cool that you guys won and got the highest score ever!!
I'm glad you are using the paper and stickers!!!
You're dad is right about the storm! The scariest one I ever experienced! I"m sorry they still don't have power (maybe they do by now?). 2 1/2 days was bad enough on us!
Now that we are reconnected, I have been glued to the news and watching it all. I felt so out of it. It's so devastating!

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