Monday, October 29, 2012

Boardy Barn Layout

Happy (?) Monday everyone!

While we were in New York over Labor Day, we went to the Boardy Barn. It is an outdoor bar that sells incredibly inexpensive beer and plays awesome music. It is also only open in the summer on Sunday afternoons. And my parents used to hang out there. Its basically a Long Island tradition.

One that I somehow managed to miss out on while I was living on Long Island. Fortunately, Tommy and Jamie planned to take us there during our visit home - so my life was Boardy Barn-less no longer!

One other thing you need to know - its kind of a tradition to spill beer on each other there and it gets spilled all over everyone. So all electronics have to stay in plastic bags. They even hand out plastic bags as you walk in to keep your stuff safe. Also, the tent you stand under is red. So that would explain our red tint and blurries in the photos. But most of my memories from that day are a little blurry too!

Because of the red tint in the photos, I wanted to use paper that also had a reddish feel to it. I had the Sassafras Count Me In 6x6 paper pack from Christina's giveaway, and used it to create a 12x12 background to put the photos on. I also used a rounded corner punch on just two of the corners of the photos (like Kimberly did in the Halloween card she sent with her mini album). I really like how it looks, it makes the photos look special, but was very easy to do! Last, I stuck one of the Boardy Barn stickers right in the middle. Those stickers are everywhere too - I ended up covered in them by the end of the night!

So, I have a little confession. I'm a little sad that I'm not home with my family on the east coast where Hurricane Sandy is hitting! I totally love big storms like this - I always look at them like an adventure waiting to happen. AJ and I have been watching the weather channel since yesterday afternoon, because we just find it all so interesting (yeah...I never said we weren't nerdy!)

Plus all the schools have been canceled! I wouldn't mind being home riding out the storm...but I'm heading to work today instead!

If you are affected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope you are staying safe!!

Do you like crazy storms like this? Or do you hate the idea of losing power and flooding and all of the things that can (but hopefully don't!) go along with it?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

sounds like a good time

sandee said...

I LOVE storms too!! lol We are having some wind from the hurricanes, and maybe a little snow with the cold front and the Hurricane mixing together! The Fall leaves are rying to hang onto the trees, but I think they are losing out to the wind! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Zaira Ivette Sierra said...


I actually don't know if I like storms or not. But being from the Caribbean, it means that I used to live in the center of the hurricane path. (Not that it is too different now, since I moved to FL, lol!) But I can tell you that storms are a constant there, and once I got to see a Category 5 hurricane with my own eyes! It was quite impressive. The only thing that concerns me about having a hurricane here is that I am used to stay in concrete houses during such phenomena. Houses are not made out of concrete in Fl, gulp!

Becky said...

This looks like such an awesome time, totally up mine and Mike's alley! I love the red tint to everything :) I love storms like this too, something sort of cozy and comforting in a weird way. Hope all of your family and friends are safe.

Heather said...

I like the hunkering down and staying cozy part but this one was way too scary for me!! I can understand wanting to be with your family during it. It was strange not having our oldest daughter with us for this one.
The Boardy Barn looked like a lot of fun!!That's hysterical about protecting your electronics with plastic bags and the beer spillage!

Tracy said...

This is such a fun layout, and sounds like such a fun time. Glad you were able to finally get there :)

Yes I love storms, they are just so exciting for me. Like I had said before I don't like to see people hurt in them.
But I do run to the window and watch the weather for hours when we have one here :)

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