Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily 2014 {Day 4}

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here, and I can't wait!

We are hoping to do some Christmas-y things this weekend, including going to visit a Christmas celebration in the next town over and putting up the outdoor lights! Yay!

I didn't make a collage of my pictures yesterday because almost all of them ended up in my layout! Aside from the morning (when I was doing work related things), I spent most of the day getting ready for our Christmas movie marathon!

We were both having a bit of trouble getting really excited about Christmas this year. We'd both been very excited earlier, but it had kind of went away. So last night, we had a movie marathon + hot chocolate (well, I had hot chocolate!) + Trader Joe's blondies. I would say that it worked!

"AJ and I both were having a little trouble getting in the Christmas spirit. We'd both been so excited, but for some reason after the beautiful Thanksgiving snow melted away and Mom, Dad and Tommy went back home after Thanksgiving, we were both feeling like the Christmas magic had gone too. 
But we knew just how to fix it: hot chocolate + Trader Joe's blondies + a few of our favorite Christmas movies. The Santa Clause, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Home Alone were all part of last night's movie marathon. I could watch these movies over and over again (and to be honest, Home Alone has been on at least 4 times in since last Friday!)
Hello Christmas Spirit! Its nice to see you again :)"

Yesterday, I also noticed that I am being more careful to create continuity between the pages on my album this year. In the past, I didn't really mind if they didn't coordinate - I treated each page as a totally different layout. While I still see them as different layouts, because they are different days and different stories, I am definitely more conscious about making sure that they "go" together. Like Tuesday/Wednesday...same red plaid carries from one day to the next.

And I am seriously loving that red plaid!

I guess its kind of a silly thing, but it makes me happy that they coordinate :)

Do you worry about making sure facing pages "match" in your scrapbooks?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

If it makes you happy, it's not silly! That movie marathon sounded like the perfect thing to get you in the spirit!! I hope you have a great weekend and do even more Christamas-ey stuff!!

Becky said...

I think that's a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!! I'm loving the red plaid too! I usually don't worry too much about my pages working together, unless it's a themed album. Then I like to tie in all the pages together somehow.

Jules said...

NO Christmas season is complete for us without Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and Elf. Looks like you guys had a great night and I love how your December Daily is coming out!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I love this page!
Christmas movies always do the trick for me, too.
We watched Polar Express and had hot chocolate last night :)
We've already watched The Year Without a Santa Claus, too.

If it's a mini album, I like my pages to coordinate. Otherwise, I'm ok with whatever. Although in my PL album, I am trying to use similar items.

Tracy said...

Your pages are Great!!!
I am not in the Christmas spirit as all….I haven't done anything festive yet…not even made my Christmas cards, lol.
I do need my pages to co-ordinate to the facing page…i always have.
I tried not to before, but i just couldn't do it, lol

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