Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Columbus Day was {Almost} Entirely a Bust

So, Monday was Columbus Day. One of the few days that I get off from work during the school year (the students get lots of days off that are used for teacher meetings). I was so excited, because I thought I would be able to get lots of stuff done.

This is what my plan was:

8:30 Wake up and eat a healthy breakfast
9:00 Start grading Progress reports were due the next day at 8:00am
11:30 Shower and get ready for the day, eat lunch, answer emails, maybe do a load of laundry
2:00 Go for a walk with AJ to Macy's and go grocery shopping
5:00 Eat dinner and watch Sunday night's Bridezillas
6:00 Clean up from dinner
7:00 Blog and craft while AJ watches Monday Night Football I love football season! I can take up as much space as I want crafting, as long as I don't block the tv :)
9:30 Go to bed early because this is going to be a crazy week at work

Look at all those things I would have done - Laundry! Cleaning! Grading! Crafting! Grocery Shopping! That is so much stuff, what a productive day I would have!

Yeah, let's look at how that went:

4:00 Woke up when AJ left for work and couldn't go back to sleep, watched trashy early morning tv
5:30 Fell asleep on the couch
8:30 Woke up again, had boxed mac and cheese for breakfast because it turns out, we are all out of food!
9:00 Started sorting the papers that needed to be graded by class
10:00 Finished sorting the papers, started grading
11:30 Took a shower and met a friend on her lunch break for some Pei Wei <-- a fun lunch is what stopped Columbus Day from being a total bust!
2:00 AJ got home, chatted for a bit
2:30 Went back to grading
5:00 Took a break from grading to watch Bridezillas with AJ and have "dinner" Well, AJ had leftovers from lunch, I was still so full I didn't eat
5:40 Go back to grading
9:50 Decide that I just can't grade anymore I ended up waking up early, grading before I got ready for work, and finished grading in the car while AJ drove me to work!

To recap, things that did not get done on Columbus Day:
laundry I have one more clean pair of work pants, fortunately, Friday is jeans day, so I may get away with this one
cleaning this morning AJ fell over the blankets that should be folded nicely on the couch, but is still on the floor
crafting there is a large pile of pictures waiting for me at home
grocery shopping I didn't even have milk for the tea this morning, and we don't have any coffee at all
grading I did a lot of the grading, but still had to finish this the next day!

So, instead of sharing all of the crafty projects I did Monday, I'll share this layout from back in the day!

Was your Columbus Day more productive that mine?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

very fun layout!

sorry things didn't go as planned- at least you were off- we didn't get the day off-no days off till thanksgiving--aargh!!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

(LOL) Isn't that how it always is?!
But it was your day off and you got a lot of grading done and a great lunch. So like you said, not a total bust.
But that happens to me all of the time :)
My kids actually had school on Monday, but were off Friday.

Heather said...

You still accomplished a lot and I'm glad you got a lunch out with a friend so it wasn't a total bust!! I love that lay out!!! So cute with your two teams!

Becky said...

Well dang, sometimes you just have a day like that, don't you? My Columbus Day AM was super productive, the PM however was a bust. The furnace was supposed to get cleaned and the technicians were running behind, by the time they were on their way, we had to leave for Abie's volleyball pictures. Bummer!

sandee said...

productive? was I suppose to be? yee gads, that's too much pressure for a holiday! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Tracy said...

I make lists like this every the half hour. Funny thing is I am lucky to half the list, lol.
Great layout. You two are so cute.

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