Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Even More Chicago Pictures...As If There Weren't Enough Layouts Already!

Remember on Monday when I thought going back to school would get me into more of a routine?

Apparently "routine" must mean sitting in meetings all day, getting home, cooking dinner and attempting to get some sort of handle on the laundry/dishes/errands before falling asleep with none of it actually completed!

Ugh. This school year is not getting off to a smooth start!

Back in June, I shared a whole bunch of layouts about Chicago.

But, even with all of those layouts that I made, I still couldn't fit all of the pictures I had taken on my Goodbye Chicago tour!

So, I decided to add a divided page protector to fit a few more of my favorites!

I'm so glad that I decided to put this extra page in my scrapbook because it meant even more room to show the belugas! Sometimes I don't mind not including some pictures, because I will display that picture in my house somewhere, but I really don't have anywhere to display pictures of beluga whales! Except here in my scrapbook of course!

Okay, well I'm going to go work on this getting into a routine and actually fitting everything into the day that needs to be done. Wish me luck!

Do you ever struggle with fitting everything into your day? How do you handle it? I usually just shut down and do nothing until its all so piled up that I just can't take it anymore! Then I tackle everything in one day - its looking like today is going to be that day!

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Gita said...

Good Luck getting into a routine. Give it just started back and it might take a bit to adjust. I find it hard to get an crafting done on days I work...between that, the dogs, attempting to clean, eat, and wanting to just can be hard. :-)

Jules said...

I am like you, I tend to wait until I reach the breaking point and then try to pack everything into one day....probably not the best of ideas, but it is what it is. I bet that you get settled into a routine soon, it just may take a little time. Great add to your Chicago pics!!!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I do shut down sometimes when I'm overwhelmed then tackle it all at one time. You will get back into a routine, it just takes a little time.
Love the belugas and your photos!

Becky said...

Don't you just love the divided page protectors for this?? I always make a list, with time frames for each task. And I include everything, even the drive home 3:30-3:50, 3:50-4 check mail and unpack bag, 4-4:15 wash lunch dishes and feed dog, etc. It is amazing how much I can accomplish when I do this! You'll fall into a routine soon :)

Tracy said...

Nice photos.
Ohh to have a routine again. With all my girls now out of school, I am not sure how my days are going to be filled.
As for leaving things to pile up...I am great at that as well. I could have gone and done some errands today, but I didn't have to do one until tomorrow, so I saved them all for then, lol.

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