Friday, March 14, 2014

Around Here {March 2014}

Hi everyone!

I know today is normally my Project Life day, but yesterday, I decided to spend my evening with AJ instead of making my Project Life layout.

But I still feel like I need to recap. There is so much going on in my head about what's been going on around here lately, that I just feel like I need to do another one of these posts.

Around here | we are celebrating our first Mardi Gras in Louisiana.

Around here | I am back at school. March is always a dreaded month in the school calendar. I don't know why, but it always feels like the longest, most complicated month. I've learned that it doesn't matter if your school year ends in May or June, or if you have a week off in February + April or March + April, March is the longest, most tiring month.

Around here | I am planing. I've never been a big gardener - the bugs and slugs and worms in the ground totally creep me out. But there is something I love about having our own herbs growing in the backyard.

Around here | we are ready for grilling. These were made on our grill pan though - it was cold and raining and the grill isn't assembled yet.

Around here | we are snacking healthier. Yes, I know Goldfish probably aren't the healthiest choice, but keeping them portioned out already, and keeping lots of fresh fruit in the fridge, is a much better way to snack.

Around here | the days are longer and perfect for walking around the neighborhood after work. I so love living in a suburb again.

Around here | we are getting new furniture. This bed, a dining room table, a new comfy chair.

Around here | we are making the house ours. Starting with this new accent wall. Would you believe that I ran out of paint at this point? Guess I just underestimated how much I would need!

Around here | we are enjoying our lives right now. And counting down to summer break :)

You know what I love about posts like these, I know I can so easily (and often do) turn them into scrapbook layouts.

Do you ever use your blog posts as inspiration for scrapbook layouts or for your journaling?

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Jules said...

What a great post and I cannot wait to see the end result of your accent wall!!!!!

Tracy said...

I love the idea of "around here" to start off your sentences :)
Great photo of you…love your hair :)
As for using blog posts as scrapbook layouts…yup. This is how I keep track of my p365. My post on my husbands and my relationship turned into a full 2 page spread.

Lesli Giertuga said...

Love your Around Here !!

It is a great way to recap -

A bit Jealous we have snow here still -
I started to melt a bit but with 5ft plus snowbanks - it may take awhile!

Becky said...

Loving your post :) I have never planted herbs before but I always love to plant flowers in the spring. We grill year round, even in the snow!! Haha! Kabobs sound delicious! There are so many great things about the suburbs and the city too :) you are lucky to have lived in both! I can't believe you ran out of paint!! I love the color!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You do have a lot going on! Those kabobs look so yummy! I love the color for the accent wall, such a bummer to run out of paint halfway through!
March does seem like a long month but once we're through it, the rest of the school year flies (and we're more than halfway through now!). Mardi Gras looked like a lot of fun. It is nice to take walks in the neighborhood in the evenings. I'm loving the extra light too.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Fun post! So many exciting things happening for you right now! :)

Dawn said...

Fun post! Those kabobs look super yummy. We grill year round - no matter the weather! March - May are long months at work because of no holidays from Presidents Day until Memorial Day. Painful!

Gita said...

Sounds like "around here" you are enjoying the your new surroundings. Its still March so hope it went by quicker than you expected!!

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