Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Daily 2014 {Days 8 + 9}

Hi everyone!

I'm rushing a bit this morning. It snowed last night and it is predicted to rain/ice/snow again today, but I need to go to the grocery store! So I want to run out and get there quickly in case the roads get all messy again because skipping a trip today is so not an option - we have no milk, no bread, and basically nothing to eat at all besides frozen chicken (yeah, this is a long overdue trip!)

So on to Monday + Tuesday's layouts.

Monday's story is another one of those "could have happened anytime in December" stories that I just happened to share on Monday.

"I love wearing Christmas themed jewelry. Mom and I usually find a few new things every year: present bow + candy cane + snow flake + ornament earrings, Reindeer watch and this year's new addition, a jingle bell bracelet. Mom and Jamie have the same bracelet too!"

And Tuesday's is a totally Tuesday-related story. Its all focused on the weather and the snow that we got (man do I love snow!)

"The weather prediction for today had been really crazy. It kept changing between snow and sleet and freezing rain. All day, we just had ice and freezing rain. I was so disappointed - after spending 18 months living in "Southtown, USA", I was so ready for snow this winter. And snow around Christmastime? That is just awesome!
But I figured we'd have to wait for another day. Until AJ got home from work and said it was already snowing at the plant (just a few miles away) In just a few minutes, huge flakes were falling from the sky! I ran outside to eat December snowflakes. I wasn't waiting until January!"

Do you love snow as much as I do? I would love if we had fresh snow on the ground every single day!

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Ruth said...

Lovely pages and your Christmas bracelet is gorgeous!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I usually love snow but then I get tired of it when we get too much (like last year). It made me really appreciate spring and summer! We'll see how it goes this year. You got some pretty snow. I love your Christmas bracelet.

Tracy said...

You are too cute :)
I don't mind snow, if it is mild out.
I don't like the cold.
Love your pages. I also love love love your coffee mug :)

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